George Massengill

George Massengill, BSSW, LADAC, has over 35 years of experience in the healthcare, information technology, and business financial industry. George most recently worked in National Business Development for Philips Holdings Inc., with a focus on building relationships with fortune 500 clients, facilitating and executing large scale developments, contract negotiation, and business relationships.

More About George

Also, George served as CMO / EVP and board member developing treatment services across the USA for Journey Pure – a national behavioral health company.

George has developed and led companies serving as CEO, Clinical Director and VP positions in marketing, clinical and business development for many national successful companies including: The University of Tennessee, CRC Health / Acadia Health, Peninsula Health System, PMR Inc, Vendeall Health, AdvoCare, Bradford Health, and Paracelsus Health Care US operations.

As a licensed clinician George has dedicated time addressing and problem solving the drug and alcohol epidemic within our country, concentrating on the economic, social and cultural challenges that encompass this issue. George has successfully opened and operated several behavioral health care companies. Those companies hinged on George’s expertise and were pioneers in developing, combining, and operating state-wide integrated networks of In-Patient Detoxification, Residential – Outpatient, Transitional Living, Case Management, In-Home counseling and coaching services. George has founded and sold: The Wellness Centers, Healthconnect America, Recovery Living Services, and Serenity Centers / Serenity Network.

Current founder and CEO of 4M Consulting Services Inc, George has leveraged his expertise successfully to enrich some of the leading companies in the nation, including: H2O Partners, SDR, and All South Engineering. His multi-faceted consulting approach focused on medical and behavioral healthcare, government contractor relations, information technology, as well as marketing and business development.

At the local, state, and federal level, George has achieved success and recognition lobbying, consulting, and working for the betterment of his clients. He has served and is currently serving on the Board of Directors of many organizations including but not limited to: Healthconnect America, Dream Elite, JourneyPure, UMC, and Child Help USA. His passion, training, entrepreneurial aptitude, and proven knowledge base equips him with the foresight, ingenuity and solution-based action to bring communal dialogue, consensus, and vision within groups, teams, and companywide.

George received his social work degree from the University of Tennessee and his state licence in counseling (LADAC) from the State of Tennessee. He is a devoted father of four, avid outdoorsman, public speaker, and musician – playing piano, harmonica, and vocals in a rhythm & blues band around the country and celebrity private parties.